Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper
Mystery Shopper

Looking for some extra cash? Proinsight, a mystery shopping company, has exciting opportunities in and around Slough. If you’re interested in great customer service and have good observation skills, this flexible role allows you to review various services and products. Enjoy the benefits of earning extra cash, choosing when and where you work, and even working from home for some assignments.


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Marketing Assistant


Mystery Shopping Opportunities in Slough!


We are Proinsight, a mystery shopping company with opportunities across the UK. We’re currently recruiting in and around Slough.


About You

  • Interested in great customer service
  • You will need good observation skills whilst carrying out mystery shops.
  • You need to be accurate and descriptive when writing up reports.


  • You will be reviewing different services and products.
  • We have clients in a variety of sectors including leisure, food & drink, retail, clothing etc.



  • Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn some extra cash.
  • It is flexible and you can choose where and when you work.
  • You can work from home for some assignments.
  • Free products and services.
  • Continuous training and improvement from a programme coordinator and online academy.

Applying for this Reed opportunity will notify us of your interest but you will need to register as a mystery shopper on our website;


To check out how great it is working for Proinsight join our shoppers forum on facebook and follow us on instagram to meet like minded people earning extra money through mystery shopping with us!




Looking to earn extra cash? Proinsight, a mystery shopping company, has opportunities in Slough. Review services and products in various sectors, enjoy flexibility, work from home, and receive continuous training.


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